I am the cheese! lol

1. A beautiful Fluttershy print made by futuresparkle

2. A hand-drawn drawing of my ponysona and Vinyl Scratch as fillies, made by the awesome mod for ask-filly-vinyl. Glad I got to meet you!

3. An ink sketch of my ponysona made by the awesome Ponywise. Awesome meeting you and sofasandquills!

4. The art book Mine’s Got Rocks In It, filled with artwork by amazing and talented artists such as Ponywise, sofasandquills, futuresparkle, and Geten

5. A Rainbow Dash print made by the awesome Joie!

6. Another Rainbow Dash print made by the talented Helhoof!

7. Bacon Dash made by Tsitra360!

8. John Joseco’s Rainbow Dash print!

9. A 2013 calender from the Brony Thank You Fund featuring artwork by artists such as John Joseco, Tsitra360, pixelkitties, and egophiliac

Thanks again for all the amazing artwork, EQLA was a blast!

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